SailRouter™ is all-in-one solution for reducing fuel consumption of merchant ships.

Weather router

SailRouter calculates the optimum route relative to sea state (waves and sea-currents), engine curve (fuel consumption) and ship hydrodynamics (relationship between ship speed and waves) including trim.
Calculation is based on user’s defined parameters:

  • arrival time range/ average daily speed
  • main engine power range
  • max waves/ safety

  • Data analysis

    SailRouter gathers data during navigation, analyses them and learns about ship characteristics in order to improve ship hydrodynamics and to report user about real ship performance.

    What is new

    Ship hydrodynamics

    Ship hydrodynamics defines ship speed at particular main engine power relative to waves (direction and height).
    It includes trim and load condition.

    Motion sensor

    Motion sensor gathers ship motion data in order to define ship performance relative to sea state (wave direction and height).


    SailRouter can be used both on-board and ashore.


    - Overview of ship hydrodynamics
    - Calculate an optimal route
    - Overview real ship performance
    - Send data to ashore office

    Office staff

    - Calculate an optimal route
    - Exchange data with ship
    - Fleet Monitoring


    - Calculate an optimal route
    - Exchange data with ship
    - Forecast fuel costs
    - Fleet Monitoring

    How it works

    SailRouter is a desktop and cloud application and both parts work independently. Desktop application is used on-board while server application is used ashore.


    Desktop application calculates an optimal route and gathers/send data during navigation.


    Server application receives data from ships, analyses these data and learns about ship behavior. Afterwards, it prepares online reports about ship real performance.


    All users (captain, office staff and charterer) get insight in real ship performance and comparisons between current and historical ship performance data.